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Horse vs Runner Course Map!

The map has been posted. Check it out. You will see that the course starts and finishes at the Santa Fe Equestrian Center, good place to be right? Being a horse race and all. Runners will be out on the same trails running the same course at the same TIME. The short course is about 12 miles and is just one of the lollipop loops. You run out do the loop and then run back. Try to pass a couple horses on your way in. If you are dong the marathon course you run with these guys on the first lolli, then head back out for seconds. This is another lollipop loop and you should try to pass a bunch more horses before hitting the finish line back at the equestrian center. I talked to one of the vets who will be monitoring the horses. He has worked a few of these runner vs horses events and is totally in awe of you runners! He says a strong runner can beat an average horse at these distances. So there you go...right from the horse doctor's mouth.

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