September run on the Camino Real Trail!

During the month of September you are invited to do this cool run on a portion of the thousands of mile long Camino Real.  This was a major route from Mexico City to northern New Mexico.  Today you can enjoy parts of the route by foot, bike or horse back.

The run is on a section of the trail from the Headquarters Well Trailhead to the Dead Dog Trailhead and back on the mesa top.  Run it on your own time and post your results on Facebook or Instagram


To follow the course download the Avenza app or use another device to load this map to stay on course.  It is easy to find your way if you don't want to use this sort of technology.  Start at the Headquarters Trailhead and follow the single track trail north toward the Dead Dog Trailhead.  It is 5 miles to this junction.  From here turn left around the permanently placed bike pump and head up the steep and rocky trail.  It seems like more cows than people use this to get to the top.  If you are lucky you will see some of the wild horses that roam along the top of the escarpment here.

The way back is along two track (parallel single track) on Forest Road 24F and then Forest Road 24 to the start.

Here is a map to the Headquarters Well Trailhead from 599 at the South Meadows exit.  Head south on the frontage road to Caja del Rio Road.  Take this road past the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, past the Municipal Recreation Center, past Marty Sanchez Golf Course to County Road 62.  This gravel road changes to Forest Road 24 at the Headquarters Well Trailhead.  This is where the fun begins.


October run best enjoyed just before sunset!

This month take a spin on a trail you may not have ever visited but have been near many times.  Start this 6ish mile loop at the Little Tesuque Trailhead between mile markers 5 and 6 on Hyde Park Road (NM 475).


The first 1.3 miles are a bit rugged, trees down and a seasonal stream to jump over, but it is a great way to warm up.  It does make a better warm up than a sprint to the finish so I recommend running this counter-clockwise.  Follow the "trail" uphill paralleling the roadway.  You will feel like you are very remote except for the car noise which may sound like they are in your back pocket.  

After this cool section of trail cross over the road at the Chamiza Trailhead parking lot and follow the heavily used "upper" trail to the saddle.  Once you gain this landmark follow the Saddleback Trail westerly into the sunset (if you started about 2 hours before sunset).  There are several trails intersecting here and they are all good, one leads down to the Winsor Trail, another up to the Borrego/Bear Wallow trailhead and the other back down to the Chamiza trailhead.  

Saddleback trail takes you down through towering ponderosa pine on rolling but mostly downhill single track.  You will have lots of great views of the setting sun as you make your way to the Juan Trail. A left turn takes you to the Little Tesuque Trail and to where you started.  

Here is a  map you can load into an app like Avenza to follow your progress.  Run it on your own time and post your results on Facebook or Instagram  with lots of pictures!

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