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Endurance Santa Fe 

Our goal is to bring lots of trail running events to Santa Fe.  Currently we offer 4 different events throughout the year.  Running in the winter when it's snowy and dark early is sometimes challenging.  But the Frozen Feb FatAss is a really fun way to break out of those winter doldrums.  Eight miles of snowy trail running in the DARK!  Don't forget to put fresh batteries in your headlamp. 


In the Spring you can test yourself against endurance horse competitors in a horse vs runner marathon.  This is a new event on the Caja Del Rio plateau.  Horses and runners together climbing steep and rocky slopes then cruising over wide-open grasslands.  Who will be first back to the finish-line?  Horse or runner?


As the leaves start to change when Fall rolls around you can enjoy our premier event.  The Santa Fe ultra.  The 50 mile race is one of the most challenging anywhere with more than 25,000 feet of elevation change.  There is also a 50 KM race, a 13+ race and an uphill mile all stating and finishing at 10,000 feet above sea level.  These races run on some fantastic single track.

Then at the end of October hit the 4 Peaks PhatAss climbing...4 peaks with 3,000 of climbing.  Just 12 miles of fun but the grilled burgers afterward make for a fun time for everyone.

Beautiful stream crossings in te mountains.
The ultra courses follow several streams.  You may even see a waterfall or two!
Single track through the forest
Mountain running on single track
Endurance Santa Fe New Mexico
single track trail running
Finishline success
Happy runner
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