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Full Moon Half Marathon and Trail Races

Hi Runner: 

We can't wait to see you Saturday for the Endurance Santa Fe Full Moon Half Marathon and Trail Races! This is a special event because nighttime access is not normally allowed.  Proceeds from this event go to the Preserve for more trails!  So thank you.


There is a lot of information in the email, please read it completely and carefully so that you can have a great experience on Saturday.


Race Day:

The race starts and finishes at the Cottonwood Trailhead at the Galisteo Basin Preserve at 8 PM sharp.  Here is a Google map link to help guide you to the start: 


There will be portable toilets at the startline.


Packet pick up will be at the starting line beginning at 6PM.  Please arrive early as I don't want you to miss the start of the race because you were standing in line to get your race number.


COVID continues to be an extreme concern for those of us who breathe, so you are required to wear a mask over your mouth and nose at registration, in the starting area and anywhere where runners, volunteers and spectators are clustered. 


Registration staff will not register you or issue you a race number if you are not wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose.    


Racer Information:

This is a nighttime race on remote singletrack trails so you must have a headlamp to help you find your way.  Make sure you have fresh batteries.  While it might make for a good adventure to lose your light it is better to see where you are going.  The moon will be up and pretty bright but that's just for you to see the scenery. 


The weather forecast looks perfect, a slight chance of rain in the afternoon and temps around 75 for the start, dipping to mid-60's later in the evening under partly cloudy skies.


This is a cupless event so you will need to carry your own water bottle or hydration system.  There will be one aid station at about mile 6 for the longer races.  There will be water, Tailwind and food.


Course Information:

Each course is marked with a different color of surveyor tape: half marathon is blue, 12 km is red and the 6.4 km is marked with green.  Each flag also has reflective tape so you should be able to spot them in the shine of your awesome headlamp.


There will be directional arrows at most key intersections when courses diverge from each other.  Here is a link to the course map which you can add to an app like Avenza on your smartphone or just download and print: 


The 6.4 km race course is a clockwise loop, there is a short section where runners will be meeting the longer course runners head-on so please be prepared for that.


The longer races will use a "lolly pop" style course. With about a mile of out and back trail and big loops.


We can’t wait to see you Saturday!



Peter Olson

Race Director 

This is a night time race on brand new trails built over the last year at the Galisteo Basin Preserve.  All the races start just before sunset at 8:00PM.  Don't worry the moon will be up as the sun sets so you can take in the beautiful scenery from the tops of the hills you just climbed.

This fun event is a fundraiser for the Preserve.  A portion of your entry fees will go to supporting new trails at GBP.  So far there are just over 40 miles of trails that are free and open to the public on the Preserve.   Most of these trails are created and built by volunteers with the cooperation of the Preserve staff and board.

Your selection of races includes half-marathon,  14 KM (9ish miles) and  6.42 KM (4 miles) races.  Normally the Preserve is closed from sunset to sunrise but we have been given special permission to have this event  on the July full moon!  Don't miss this one.

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